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EasyTube 2000 System Features

EasyTube® 2000
Advanced Catalytic CNT and Nanowire System

Download ET 2000 Brochure pdf
Download Facility and System Layout Overview pdf

Turnkey solution for nanomaterial synthesis

EasyTube® 2000 is an advanced turnkey thermal catalytic chemical vapor deposition process tool for the synthesis of a wide variety of nanostructured materials. The system is optimized for controlled process development and user safety.

Our systems are now being used for process development and/or materials growth across many industries including
nanoelectronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic, NEMS/MEMS, composite, structural coatings, etc.

Innovative Modular Design

Our modular platform houses key process components and multiple advanced options to meet your specific process requirements. Options are field upgradable.

Operated through our CVDWinPrC™ process control software, it automatically logs data and graphically shows the time dependent values of user selected parameters.
CVDWinPrC™ also allows users to load preprogrammed recipes, modify, check /create new recipes and view real time or saved execution data.

Designed to Meet Stringent Safety Standards

Designed to meet today’s more stringent safety standards, the system can safely process most pyrophoric and toxic chemicals including silane, germane, diborane, phosphine, HCl, and metal organic precursors. The system also has application customized safety protocols imbedded into relay logic, PLC and CVDWinPrC™ software.

HotLoad™ with FastCool™ Furnace for High Throughput

The EasyTube® 2000 offers high throughput. The HotLoad™ option (see image on page 2) enables fast heating and cooling by transferring samples between a cold loadlock chamber to a hot process chamber. The fast heating process shows improved SWCNT and Graphene quality. The FastCool™ resistance furnace automatically opens at multiple steps during the cooling stage to reduce the cooling time from more than 3 hours to less than 1 hour. With the HotLoad™ and/or the FastCool™ control, a typical CNT process can be finished within 1 hour.

Turn-Key System Capabilities

First Nano offers turn-key system capabilities with support equipment such as Gas Cabinets and Exhaust Gas Conditioning Systems. All major components from one vendor makes interfacing easy. The First Nano EasyGas™ gas cabinet is capable of delivering a variety of toxic and hazardous gases. The EasyExhaust™ System will thermally pyrolyze and wet scrub the process effluents.

Our field proven system performance and solid customer base establishes First Nano as the clear choice in leading edge nanotechnology development equipment for
the advanced research facility

Standard Configuration:

  • CVDWinPrC™ based process control software for Real Time Process Control, Data Logging and Display, Recipe Generation and Editing
  • Preprogrammed Recipes for SW/MW CNT's, Nanowires, Annealing, Diffusion, Oxides, Nitrides, ALD, Epitaxial layers, Graphene, etc.
  • 3 Zone Resistance Furnace for Temperatures
    >1100 °C
  • Wafer Sizes > 50mm
  • High Throughput with FastCool™ Furnace
  • Proprietary Real-Time Cascade Process Temperature Control
  • Atmospheric Process Operation
  • Cantilevered Automatic Substrate Loading/Unloading System
  • 3” Quartz Reaction Chamber
  • 4 Mass Flow Controlled UHP Gas Lines
  • User Settable Warnings and Alarms
  • Application Customized Safety Systems
  • Comprehensive Software and Hardware Safety Interlocks
  • One (1) Year Warranty
  • Semi - S2/S8 and CE® Certified


  • Multi-zone Furnace with Proprietary Real-Time Cascade Process Temperature Control
  • Resistance Heating High Temperature Furnace to
    > 1200 °C
  • Infrared (IR) Heating for Rapid Thermal Processing
    (RTP) > 1100 °C
  • Run/Vent: stabilizes gas flows (bypassing the Process Tube) before flowing into Process Tube
  • Low Pressure Operation (100 – 700 torr),
    < 50 mtorr Base Pressure
  • Solid Source Vapor Delivery Kit for Oxide and Nitride Nanowire Growth
  • Liquid Precursor Vapor Delivery Kit
  • Bubbler Liquid Auto Refill
  • Rectangular Process Tubes for Improved Laminar Gas Flow
  • HotLoad™ Transfer System
  • DC Bias Field Assisted Growth
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Up to an Additional 4 Mass Flow Controlled UHP Gas Lines
  • Air to Water Heat Exchanger for Cooling Water
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
  • EasyGas™ Hazardous Gas Cabinets
  • EasyPanel™ Gas Panels for Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen
  • EasyExhaust™ Gas Conditioning System
Electrical 208 V.A.C 3 Phase 20 – 30 AMP
Dimension 64" L 30" W 30 slm max.
900 to 1300 lbs
Exhaust   300 CFM  
Cooling Water 1 GPM Max 50 PSIG  
Pneumatic Supply Clean Air or N2 80 PSIG  
Facility Nitrogen 25 SLPM 10 PSIG  
Process Gases Ar, H2, V, C2H4 or Customer specified

* Note: Electrical varies with country; facilities requirements vary with system options. Consult Factory for details.




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