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Geophysics Equipments




  • One control unit for probes of lengths 1, 2, or 4 m.
  • GPS connectivity
  • Large data storage memory
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion cells for 3-4 working days or 6 AA cells
  • Easy control system with graphical screen
  • Manual or continuous measuring modes
  • No range switching or adjustments needed
  • High tolerance for electromagnetic noise
  • Fast contactless measurement of ground conductivity and in-phase (susceptibility) for geological and civil engineering surveys, agriculture, environmental monitoring, groundwater protection, raw material prospecting, archaeology, and metal detection

CMD Electromagnetic Conductivity Meters represent a new generation of dipole electromagnetic instruments designed for fast and accurate geophysical survey. Simultaneous contactless measurement of the calibrated conductivity value and of the relative in-phase quantity (closely depending on magnetic susceptibility) allows both walking and vehicle applications even in exacting field conditions like dry or icy soil. Individual probes with various dipole distances and defined full/half depth ranges (according to the used physical principle) serve for mapping of studied layers of soil and rocks. Thus many geological, technical, environmental, agricultural and archaeological tasks can be solved.

The comfortable and simple manner of operation minimizes requirements for the user, providing a wide range of measuring ranges and reliability:

• two manual and two continuous measuring modes with GPS or length mark positioning

• minimum need of settings and calibration checking

• high resistance against artificial electromagnetic noise

• very low weight and power consumption

• good visibility of the graphic display under all conditions

• large memory capacity

• easy data transfer to PC using USB

• compatibility with common mapping software (Surfer, Geosoft).

Technical Specifications

The instrument consists of the control unit and probe(s)

Control Unit:

• Attachable CMD control unit works with all types of probes.

• Five modes of measurements:

- Manual measurement – the user starts measurement at each point by pressing the key or by buttons. The point position is updated automatically in the preset grid or can be entered directly. Each point can be re-measured or skipped and completed with a comment.

- Continuous measurement – data are measured and saved continuously in chosen measuring period. The positions on the profile are determined by length marks with current recalculation.

- GPS Manual measurement – the user starts measurement at each point by pressing the key or by button. The position is determined by GPS receiver.

- GPS Continuous measurement – data are measured and saved continuously in chosen measuring period. The position is determined by GPS receiver.

- Search mode – data are measured continuously but are not saved.

• High precision and fast response optimization can be chosen in four grades. The first one is convenient for stationary measurements while the next three graded fast response modes serve for moving applications.

• Two depth ranges – full and half depth range of the probe.

• Factory and two user calibrations (calibrating data are stored in the probe).

• Measurement time: 0.1 – 20 s

• Direct support of GPS receiver. Longitude, latitude and altitude are shown and saved automatically.

• 32 Mbit data flash memory:

- max. 32 files

- max. 150,000 measured points

• Graphical LCD display 320x240, white backlight (backlight reduces battery life by 10 %)

• Easy USB data transfer.

• Power supply:

- Internal exchangeable rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. (Integrated fully automatic intelligent battery charger activated by the connection of external 12 V source.)

- Working time: 3-4 working days (24 – 32 hours of continuous measurement).

- Internal exchangeable battery adapter for 6xAA single-use or rechargeable NiCd or NiMh batteries.

- External power supply 12 V (6.5-14 V, 1.2 A max.)

• AC adapter for 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

• Cable for 12 V car socket supply

• Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C

• Dimensions: 270 x 90 (145) x 60 mm

• Weight: 0.5 kg (0.7kg with Li-Ion battery pack)



• Two depth ranges – full and half depth range.

• Measured quantities:

- Apparent conductivity in mS/m

- In-phase ratio in ppt (determined by magnetic susceptibility)

• Measuring ranges:

- Conductivity: 1000 mS/m, resolution 0.1 mS/m

- In-phase ratio: ±80 ppt, resolution 10 ppm

• Measurement accuracy: ±4% at 50 mS/m

• Temperature stability: lower than 0.2 mS/m /°C (at slow temp. changes)

• Operating frequency: 10 kHz

• Effective depth range for High / Low depth mode:

- CMD-1: 1.5 m / 0.75 m

- CMD-2: 3.0 m / 1.5 m

- CMD-4: 6.0 m / 3.0 m

• Intercoil spacing:

- CMD-1: 0.98 m

- CMD-2: 1.89 m

- CMD-4: 3.77 m

• Probe length & weight:

- CMD-1: 1.065 m, 2.5 kg

- CMD-2: 2.075 m, 3.6 kg

- CMD-4: 4.075 m, 6.8 kg

• Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C

Standard Probe Accessories:

• Transport aluminum case:

- CMD-1 35 x 12 x 116 cm

- CMD-2 35 x 12 x 116 cm

- CMD-4 44 x 12 x 146 cm

• Carrying belt

• Holder for control unit

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