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NANO Technology

CVD Custom Turn-Key Research and Development Solutions

cvd easytube machines diagram

First Nano offers turn-key CVD systems with support equipment such as Gas Cabinets and Exhaust Gas Conditioning Systems. All major components from one vendor makes interfacing easy! The EasyTube® turn key solution is clearly the best choice for your materials synthesis.

Process Equipment:

  • EasyCrystal® Vertical Bridgman Crystal Growth Furnace System
  • EasyTube® 101 - User friendly, low cost, equipment/process solution for the researcher
  • EasyTube® 2000 - Chemical Vapor Deposition Tool for Carbon Nanotube, Graphene & Nanowires
  • EasyTube® 3000 - Thermal CVD Deposition System for CNT Growth, Graphene & Nanowires
  • EasyTube® 4000 - PECVD for Nanomaterials & Thin Film Deposition
  • EasyTube® 5000 - MOCVD for a wide variety of III-V and II-VI layers
  • EasyTube® 6000 - Multi-stack 4 Tube Horizontal Furnace for LPCVD, CNT, Annealing, Diffusion & Oxidation

Support Equipment - Gas Cabinets & Gas Abatement:

  • EasyExhaust® System - High Temperature Pyrolizing Furnace and Water Scrubbing System
  • EasyGas™ 1000 - High Quality Gas Cabinets and Gas Delivery Systems
  • EasyGas™ 1500 - Fully Automated Gas Cabinet
  • EasyPanel™ - UHP Manual Gas Panels

Process Development - Our Application Laboratory:

  • Application Lab - Nano/Solar/Energy material processes such as CNT, Graphene, Nanowires & More

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